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Thursday, January 10, 2008

After christmas suggestion

An after Christmas suggestion:
Change your January budget and instead of getting what you were thinking before, enter in a ski shop and get a pair of Dynastar. Send an email to some friends (and wait if anyone answers) and arrange a transportation method to the closest mountains. That would me my suggestion for this year, and a very good gone.
It is good for using the huge amount of energy that you have been accumulating over various long meals, dinners and other family and friends reunions.
That fresh air of the mountains, nice to see you again!
Ski breakfasts are the best! Ah, and after-ski dinners as well!
There is a lot of philosophy thinking during lift conversations, and you can also see people falling or enjoy the landscape.
Everybody is in a good mood (well, this is quite normal during holidays).

Well, there are much more reasons supporting my after-Christmas suggestion, and I do not have to convince anyone, so....YES, after the disastrous year (in snow speaking terms) that we had last year, which was only saved by the fabulous easter trip "England-ROW" narrated in this blog, we went to ski again with non-artificial January snow. I am sure this will be a big accomplishment when in a few years Spain won't have either rain or snow.

I forgot to say that is important to NOT forget your sticks when you go to ski in a crowded day after putting pressure into everyone to get up very early to be the first ones in the slopes, especially if you then have to do an hour of cue to rent a pair of sticks while everybody is waiting.

Some pics from the first week of 2008...somewhere in the Pyrinees.

View of La Cerdanya from the lift

The minigroup
Same minigroup
Last but not least. Minipart of the minigroup

PD: Si practicas snow como Aleix y Dani, no te preocupes, nadie es perfecto en este mundo.


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