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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Love probability

Last weekend we found an interesting ad in the toilet of a bar in Gracia.
"The probability that the love of your life is in this restaurant is of 0.00073%" Not very encouraging uh! Given that it was a not very fancy libian restaurant with nothing similar to a woman inside, we decided it was time to leave and invest our beers in a bar with a higher love probability.
Well, in fact, the probability of finding the love of your life in that bar is about 0.0007231% higher than winning the Christmas lottery in Spain. So every time you would meet with some friends in that place, even if its the farthest thing from being a cool bar, you may end up ordering more beers than you initially thought depending on what is your opinion about 0.00073% (It may look a pretty discouraging number but there are thousands of overoptimistic people in this world).
If it happens to you that you find the love of your life in the bar and after some years it becomes the "not so much love" of your life for any reason, you may decide to come back given that 0.00073% proved not to be such a low number for you (otherwise why would people who have gained something in the christmas lottery would continue playing?). In that second attempt you would be facing then a 0,000000005329% probability because of the repetition issue (0.00073% times 0.00073%....I think...).
Of course, the next probable move for a probability flirter like you would be to go and search for another bar with such kind of advertisement to invest your beers, but this time you may look for a bar with a higher love probability.
In fact, someone could think this could be a nice thing to have in the door of any bar. Imagine you are discussing with your nerdy friends where is the next move that night. "Eh guys, they have opened a new place with a 0.008% probability" Let's go!!! That could work for a couple of times. However, since more desperate guys would run into a bar with such a high probability, the invisible hand of the dating market would rapidly adjust the love probabilty, and you would have to change again to abtain a reasonable probability.
Ok, this was a bit too long for a curious pic that took in a toilet with my brand new phone.
Anyway, forget all that nonsense you have read in this post before. Now some pics from these last weeks in which we have had some visitors.
Lindy, Kathy, Claudia, Cary and Lena ready to do some sales shopping. Of course I decided it was time to dissapear as soon as I heared to 5 girls talking about some afternoon shopping.
Matt decided to go back to the states after 2.5 years in Barcelona. Man we will miss you!!! This blog wishes you good luck in your new life in New York.

Alex having difficult decision while chosing among 35 types of grappa

Tammy and Angel
Next week we are heading towards LaRioja, so I will try to come back with more winery pics if I am not too busy just drinking them.

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Blogger -tvu said...

Won't the love % increase proportionally w/ a higher amount of alcohol consumption? If not true love, then definitely beer goggles love. hehe...

8:36 PM  

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