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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Holy week at cucuhaus

Good Friday evening in the sofa, recovering a bit from the long Holy Thursday night and watching Ben-Hur one more time, when we comment on the unusual high level of the noise outside in the street. I was thinking about another shopping madness evening in Portal de l'Angel. However, the noise was of a different kind.

Via crucis down the street

Organized by the house of Extremadura in Barcelona, which is in front of our place, we followed from the terrace the procession. In Spain, the people participating in the processions are from different cofradías (confraternities), and each of them wears the typical penitential robe of Nazareno.

At the pass of the virgin, it is common, especially in the south of Spain, that a person sings a song called saeta. This kind of song, of religious origin and that the influence of flamenco transformed, is usually singed by the people in the street, as a pray to the virgin or the Christ that goes in the procession.

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