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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

good and bad

There is a lot of people looking for appartments, spare rooms and other kinds of spaces to stay in Barcelona during this 2007. To those who have already found something, and to those who are still on the process of finding someting in this cheap city to rent a place, please, be aware of cats! (video from lari&gafa).


Here other good and bad things that can happen to you this year appart from having a thief-cat. I just received a 2007 calendar with this inscriptions. I am not sure any of these an be applicable to me, especially because of the kids issue, but in any case I would agree on the good-bad definitions.

Good: Your kid is not going out from her room because of studying
Bad: There are lots of porn videos in her room
Very bad: you are on the videos

Good: Your boyfriend likes your underwear
Bad: He is using it
Very bad: It suits him better than you
(This I write it in femenine because every men underwear suits better in girls body that in a mans body)

Good: You are giving sexual lessons to your daughter
Bad: She is interrupting you constantly
Very bad: Correcting you

Good: Yor daughter has a job at last
Bad: She is a whore
Very bad: Your friends are clients
Fucked: She earns much more than you do