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Friday, September 08, 2006

BOW in 7 pics

I don't have time since I am leaving in an hour to Mdrid for the weekend. We have another SWW.....or which is the same, another sumer weekend wedding. Maybe is better to say another "very end of the summer" weekend wedding. Call it as you like, but that means a good weekend to come, especially because I will be meeting the People that were with me in Italy a loooooong time ago when I did my eraasmus exchange. (Alberto tio que te vas a casar!!!!!! No me lo creo todavia). As I said I have to leave, so I will leave the comments about the wedding for next week and leave you know with some pics from yesterday BOW and pre-BOW moments. Lots of "leaving" in this sentences. By the way, these weekend events are good not only because I am having great time but also because they help to keep the blog going without having to dig a lot into any creative story or writing.
Titles for the pictures are the following, we can name them as if modern art paintings:

1) terrace with white umbrellas...and some people
2) Detail of terrace with nice umbrellas....and some people (Ei here we are. That is pre-BOW dinner in Restaurant Kaserne)
3) Transexual transformation of an IESE exchange student from LBS (see the T-shit?). Aaron, that is what happens to you when you wear that red thing for too long.
4) Aaron happily accepting his (her) new role in the group.
Interlude: I am lucky that Aaron has left today and I won't see him until we start at IESE because I am not sure about the consequences of the past two pics. (Aaron, dude, I had to post that you know ;)

5) percentage of BOW components...smiling
6) Woman hand and Persons' (me) thorax 7) Go home its too late fountain (in yellow)
See you next week. Music for today, a peticion de cuartero aka D.Vader : Beck-Guerolito

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Interlaken: Unspunnen, or the end of a complete weekend

I haven´t written anything about this sunday, and I think it is worth to mention (and watch), so let´s go.
When I woke up in Rene´s house Sunday morning, Simone was reading the newspapers and told me that specifically that day a very especial event was going on in Interlaken. The "Unspunnen", a traditional swiss festival, with traditional swiss wrestling, traditional swiss music, traditional stone throwing, traditional dressing, traditional food...and traditional tourists around. All the surroundings are very nice, but the town itself is really turistic. This was confirmed after I saw Josh laughing and taking pics of a "Hooters" restaurant, which apparently are very famous in the US. I guess the difefrence is that in the Interlaken Hooters, together with the young and undressed waitress, you find families of farmers with their kids, grandparents in traditional dresses, women from the region drinking huge beers....and of course, tourists.
The "Unspunnen" event takes its name from the stone that is thrown in a contest there, and that apparently has been stolen twice by a group of radical guys from the Jura region. What an unconfortable thing to steal, don't you think? Especially because if you are discovered in the attempt, I can tell you, because I saw them, that the men that will go after you can easily shift a cow and throw it to you, and that will hurt, promise.
It could be a bad idea to go there also, considering the amount of people we would probably find, and the consequent more than probable traffic jam afterwards. Anyway, both me and Josh were pretty sure we wanted to go there. Besides, there was a bit of a confusion, and we thought that the event was going on every 12 years. 12 years!! of course we have to go there!!! That would probably make it the most important event in the world. I think that reality is closer to the 12 months period in between, but we were convinced (only for some minutes) that we were driving to a very very unique and unfrequent event. The road to Interlaken is great and I did some really nice pics that I can´t post because image loading said "enough". The road that goes there is one of those places where you would stop the car every two seconds to take a picture. Doesn't matter you won't see the "mountain and lakes pics" that I took, we have the core of the post uploaded already.

Interlaken:What you see below made the whole trip absolutely worthy. Raclette against hangover. Forget about ibuprofen or other pharmaceutical stuff. Just eat one or two of those and you will feel good, very good. (more than two will make you feel a bit "heavy" but still really good).

Fashion in Interlaken:

These are the future stone throwers:
This group of women waiting for the train, discovered us while taking pictures behind a bush. We were following them for a will se why. The one in the middle is just pointing at me.
And here, we just do a pause to say that this weekend I found the reason I accepted an internship in Switzerland this summer. Now everything makes is fate! The reason I came here in July (and will stay a bit more while missing the wellcome parties & events that are already going in barcelona due to the start of the MBA again) is.....THIS: Direct from the mountains, the sound of angels. A W E S O ME.

And we also had some traditional dancing around. everything surrounded by a huge group of tourists, that had already decreased by the time we arrived in the afternoon. However, I think it was better to be there at that time, because the protocols of the party were a bit broken and the men and women from the mountains were really enjoying themselves after a few drinks. Some afternoon dancing.

Commenting the day in "Pony Bar"
And around 6pm, time to go home guys.


Music for the day: No discussion today, just clic on the first link above and you will see what is the hit of the summer.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Zurich part2

I like Zurich. No doubt about it. Its an affordable city (in terms of size I mean, prices are another very different story), nice, with history, with a river and a lake, good shopping, cool people (at least the ones that I know), and with an awesome nightlife that is starting to kill me (this is my last time there for this sumer so I guess that won´t happen).
On friday me and Josh decided to rent a car and spend the weekend between Zurich and Interlaken. My initial plan was to go to Interlaken on Saturday and then join Rene, Simone, Dorjee and Ivana in the evening in Zurich to have dinner and then go out. That was my initial plan according to the long night I spent in Zurich last time, which didn´t allow me to do anything useful the day after. Well, at the end we went to Zurich on Saturday but we also accomplished the Interlaken objective today. In fact it turned out to be much better to go there Saturday.

After walking some time through the center we went to have a sausage in front of the lake, and after 30 seconds of sausage with bread, the crowd below joined us to share the bread. If you want to be alone in front of the lake when eating anything eatable, do not start to throughing small pieces of bread into the water because you will have all the ducks (and relatives) of Zurich around you in a very short time period, and multiplying themselves in a very fast way.
It was a sunny day and after eating we decided to go to another part of the lake, so we took the car and we thought that maybe was a good idea to "circle" the lake and get to the park we wanted to go from the other side. after 10 min drive we checked in the map. The distance is aprox the same as if you go to basel and come back. Lets say it is not exactly a pond, so we rationally decided to go for the fast way.
After the sightseeing and a troublesome coffee in front of the lake we joined Dorjee and Ivana so that Josh could change and leave everything in their place. The coffee issue is just that I asked for a glass of ice with the coffee (obviously, to put my coffee inside and drink it cold), which turned out to be broken and, well, that created a bit of a mess in the table. I asked for another glass with ice (this time not plastic please), and of course expecting another coffee. the waiter looked at me as if I dumb and said: "Another coffee?? I though you only wanted a glass of ice". Oh yes, I just want a glass of ice because I like to refresh my fingers on it, it is not to put any liquid on it. Anyway.

We went then to Rene and Simone´s place, and then to a nice restaurant. After dinner we had to walk. That was a physical necessity due to the volume of food that everybody had in the stomach. and we walked towards a really really cool place. An open air club which is only opened for a month, in the space of the landesmuseum (kind of castle building). The music they play can be heared on air in Good music and the environment is really nice. I would say that place is a must if you are in zurich during summer.

In Rundfund both me and Josh were realy dissapointed for forgetting the camera that night (the pic above is from the net). And I was even more dissapointed when we arrived at a party in another place after Rundfund. Rene´s mobile did its best so that we could have a picture of the group in the terrace (already warming up).

By coincidence, this Saturday all the museums of Zurich were opened until 4am, with drinks and parties in all of them ("Lange nauht der museum"). the long night of the museums. After visiting all the museums you want with one ticket, and having drinks in nice places, "everybody" goes to Kunsthaus, where the end-party takes place. Yeah, that was a really good party. The place (a museum hall transformed into a night club) of course its nice, and the music was great. Without the camera there you will have to belive me. After 1 hour there, the Interlaken trip for Sunday started to become secondary and to be in serious danger. No problem. That was a great party.

The night eneded at a "prudent" time, and luckily we have made it to Interlaken today. This morning, I have managed to cross zurich by car without getting lost, and picked Josh (or I'd better say Josh without voice). Around 4pm, after stopping several times the car to get some pictures of the nice views that you have on the way there, we were already in Interlaken, where by chance, today there was a traditional party....But that, that is another long story with lots of pics and we will leave it for the next post.

Ohh, I was forgetting something important, very important: THIS!!!!! YEEEEHHAAAA!