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Thursday, February 01, 2007

positive externalities of smoking

1st of February. I have been officially one month without smoking. Well, ok ok, this sentence is not 100% true. If we take into consideration the various tentatives that I have done under the effects of some alcohol, music, and night conversations....I have smoked almost one cigarrete in total (or maybe 2, the details are not important, you have to look at the big picture). Thanks to the people who didn't allow me to go further in those dangerous 30 seconds of craving. Anyway, I am happy, I am doing this for myself and really, I feel much better. However, let me tell you that my decision of giving up smoking is not contributing at all (contrary to what you may think) to the welfare of my country and the society in general. Let me explain.
This week I read an article about a study done in the Czech Republic some years ago by a prestigeous consulting company, about the positive effects for the society in general (economic effects) that smoking has. Yes, according to the study, which you can read HERE, smoking produces what we call a positive externality for the society. In a nutshell, the fact that smokers basically die younger, together with the considerable taxes that they pay to the government during their smoking lives, more than counter the effects of helathcare costs and other annoyances that you may attribute as negative (costs) to the society. They provide numbers if you want to check it.
In conclusion, next time you see a person smoking in the street, just stop in front fo him, and with a big smile, just say....thank you smokers of the world, to make a richer and a more prosperous country to live in. Because I don't consider myself a very altruistic person by definition, I think I will continue without smoking for the moment.
PS: For the ones interested, there are some arguable things in the article of course, but that is another story ;)

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Monday, January 29, 2007

End of weekend, put a Clint Hasselhoff in your life

I have always had problems in identifying my "favourite" in different things. Usually, you are supposed to have a favourite paintor, a favourite actor, a favourite writer...At least that is what they ask when you have to fill your profile everywhere. For example, a favourite music group: When? in which context? classic music? techno? jazz? Of course, the answer is "it depends". Well, in movies however, I would say that I have a kind of favourite, and that would be Mr.Clint Eastwood. Yesterday I went to see "Flags of our fathers". Of course, very good. Go see it!

And then we have another category of favourites. This guy below can't compete with Clint Eastwood, and my friend Clint probably sings better than him. However, there is space for everyone in the word of favourites, so you can segment them according to the level of seriousness for example (yes I am becomming addicted to one of our marketing courses). ok ok I can give an example of favourites segmentation. I have spent quite a lot of time in my life (that was some years ago) watching this man in the TV. When you see something like this and you don't close your browser after 10 seconds, that is because you are watching what we can call "a classic". David Hasselhoff... a. w. e. s. o. m. e. Another of my favourites:

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