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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cucuhouse turns red!

Finally, after an almost 2 year delay, we had the cucuhouse party. First of all, thanks to all the people who came to enjoy the evening. It was great to have so many old and not so old friends here. Also, I have to say, minithanks to the people who could not make it for leaving a bit of space in the house ;-) Although you missed a good one and we would have liked to have you here.
There is though some facts that we have decided to investigate in depth after the party, by the evidences left all around the house. I am talking about the can of beer found dead (2 knife wounds) inside our toilet. And when I mean inside the toilet I mean very inside the toilet. The suicide has been discarded by the house committee. Also, the smaller crime of entertaining oneself by introducing sandwitches inside glasses of cava ( champagne for some) will be closely followed.
Anyway, here some of the suspects. Fotos are a bit blurred to protect privacy of the culprits.

After party morning...or the issues of living right in the center of a city:
Everything that goes up......Lets say that after a moment of water supplemented with ibuprofen in the kitchen I was about to have my last long sleep when...well, there was a situation down the street, and I, resigned, decided that maybe was worth it to take a little video. Then I found that Vader had the same problem.
Drums are not the best thing for the day after a cuchouse party.