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Friday, October 19, 2007

Pilares 2007 (with delay)

There has not been a lot going on this weekend in Barcelona. The winter seems to have said "Aloha...I am comming!", this blogger was working Saturday all day long, Barça lost yesterday, and the final result of the F1 chanpionship does not look very promising (to me, of course). Well, a good film by David Kronenberg saved the night yesterday, and today is a very nice day. However, I think I will put some more pics from last weekend in Zaragoza instead.

The parties of Zaragoza (Pilares) was a good choice for various reasons. It was my first time there and I reccomend everybody to go if you never have been in Zaragoza the 12th of October.

After arriving to the city we could see the flower offering that people from the city, dressed in traditional clothes, make to the virgin of El Pilar. The story says that the virgin appeared in front of the apostle Santiago (do not ask me how), and ask him to build a church in the marble pilar where he was standing. That is why the basilic and the virgin in Zaragoza are called "El Pilar".
During all day, everybody leaves their bunch of flowers in front of the virgin. And the result after some hours is quite impressive.

Gitanillos con organillo y la cabra (This pic, I can not explain in Enlish....some "traditional" Spanish view that is difficult to see nowadays)
An then, of course...Party. That was the main reason to go to Pilares. Here the group of girls

From top

Gracias Lorena por la invitación. Lo pasé genial en Zaragoza.


Monday, October 15, 2007

Zaragoza & classic F1

Since one member of the cucurulla crew is in Montreal and the other had to go to a wedding (I say "had" because if it happens to you that you have to go to a wedding, is always better that before packing you make sure you will be able to get a ticket to come back, right David?); well, the thing is that I decided to take Lorena's invitation and go to Zaragoza for the weekend. Clever choice. It was really good and I had such a really good time at night that I forgot to take the typical pics that I would post here. (Next post about Pilares 2007).

In the meantime, I can show you some pics from Sunday instead. Once recovered from the friday night at Pilares 2007 I woke up Sunday decided to watch some old F1 that were brought to Barcelona to celebrate the 75 anniversary of the Montjuïc circuit. Yes, we had a F1 circuit in the city.....until some people died. And if you have a look at those cars going at about 50 km/h and try to imagine the same cars racing in the same place (this time adding about 100 Km/h more)...That was quite dangerous.

MARTINI LEGENDS was the name of the event. And leading the goup of F1 from the seventies, Mr.Emerson Fittipaldi in his gold and black "John Special player". If you like cars you know which one I am talking about....