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Friday, January 26, 2007

Special charity dinner. 1st year girls rock

On thanksgiving dinner at IESE, there is a tradition: A group of first year girls offer a dinner for a group of second year guys that are wiling to pay a considerable amount of money to enjoy the dinner and "network" with those first years. Two factors play in favour of the charity fundraising: Some people get quite loaded in the summer internship and they have to invest the money somwhere (I have always said that good food and good companion is a very good way to spend money, not to say if in top of that you are helping a good cause). Thank you Francis for bidding and winning this unforgettable dinner.

This is what we received before the party: Quite scaring.

Since the times of Venus (or Aphrodite, you choose), the world would be safer if women took more control over it. There would be less wars, since they know how to calm down the situation and be more rational than men. They know how to communicate better and thus it is (usually) easier for them to make themselves understand and explain the situation. Since the times of Venus, they know the control they are able to exercise over people from the other sex. In general, we are always willing to have dinner and other interesting things with them (go travel and have nice chat I mean), especially if there are a agroup of 20!!!

Each of us had a host that took care of everything (Thank you Iris, you are the best!), food and drinks served. Awesome food, and awesome company.

Here the group enjoying the last part of the dinner. You might say, well, I see no girls here....

The thing is girls were decided to start their party at that moment, and they were having a short meeting on the other side of the living room, and when I say their party I mean that we did everything they said, played the games they wanted, dance the music they wanted.....And we loved it!

Strawberries with hot chocolate, perfect for some incriminating pictures that I will use in the future when my friends are VPs of investment banks in case I lose my job and have some economic roblems. For the time being, that is not necessary yet. Here Juha and Mark enjoying Nani's desert.

Well, I also enjoyed the strawberries with chocolat thanks to my beloved host.

Pasion latina. There is no girl that resists Gustavo's dancing

Men Drinking......more men drinking.....The feminie control is reaching its peak.

Now its turn to stay in our knees.

Well, after that, the next order was "shirts out", so after staying in our knees waiting for the music to stop in order to receive the impact of a girl jumping in search of one free back, we had to take our shirts out of course, literally. No pics of that phase of the night, sorry. The thing is, even the most virile man has in his interior some kind of propensity to dress as a girl, and when you start to undress in front of 20 more guys (without any girl being undressed), well, hidden personalities came out in the most natural way: Here the femenine power and control has already reached its peak some time ago, and from that point on you are just as a doll, an object that obeys to a woman's voice. Still, you really like it.

They can even make men pray for more of that party, fo a bit more of stravaganza...

But everything has an end right? So we can say that at some point, we have enjoyed and unforgettable dinner, we have eaten the most delicious food, drink the most sparkling champagne, tasted the most hot chocolate, danced even some regeton......But at the end we have given some good money to charity. It is time to take our part of the dinner, right Mark?

Thank you all first years for an awesome night!!! We promise to give back this dinner to you.

The birth of Venus (Botticelli). The classical Goddess Venus emerges from the water on a shell. Here we go!

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

but why?

Sometimes, there is a point when you don't know if you've done the right thing or the worse thing possible. There is a point where it doesn't really matter anymore. Maybe, if you look back, you would have probably done the same thing, because you would have been the same person and there is no possible look into the future (that is the nice thing in fact). So I guess it is useless to think if you could have changed something or not. Things end up in some way and we have to deal with it. When you are not aligned with something (one), well, you can end up pretty bad if you think you are. It is too sad. Verdad sylvestre?
From this blog, I would like to thank Mr.King George for his contribution to the Spanish GDP in the form of bills to the police and parking fees. Thank you so much George, this nation owes you. My grand children will remember your contributions to their education system (oh, sorry, we won't have that anymore in some years here). Anyway, George's post and a short conversation today with a first year italian girl Silvia (By the way, we will give details about an awesome dinner with the first years later this week), have made me remember that, in fact, my time in Italy as an erasmus student (and 140 more spanish students in Pisa during 2000) did not help a lot to the Italian economy. I think we created a big gap in GDP that year:
Ma qui dobbiamo pagare per prendere il bus???
I know some people that practiced the archifamous spanish "botellon" for free the whole year with the courtesi of "Coop" and some local shops.
Supply of bicicles without locker was amazing in toscana at that time.
And in some police station close to Bologna there is a paper signed with the names of 4 spanish actors claiming for a stolen bag that contained 4 train tickets (andata e ritorno).
Well, those were other times. I have seen that the Italian erasmus crowd in Barcelona usually create the same gap we were creating at that time. Mmmmm, this counterbalances so maybe George's argument is correct. Yes, those were other times. I remember a taxi driver doing half of the traject from the airport to my place (Pisa is quite small) in the wrong direction and saying "non ti preocupare ragazzo". I didn't have a clue about economics at that time (same as now), but my subconscious was saying that he may wanted to reduce his savings and improve the Italian economy (nothing happened to him).
George, Police here know who to screw. Who do you think I am calling every time you see me on the phone at night, some girl? C o m i s s i o n

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