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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

SpringFling weekend

This is the official logo of some "quality time". Last week we discussed the meaning of "quality time" in a class. One of the definitions reads that is the time that you don't forget for various reasons. One of them could be because you can associate it with a special moment that makes you think about the meaning of life and your purpose in this world. Well, for today, we take the definition that reads that "quality time" is (appart from all that), the time you really enjoy. Before the activity, while you are waiting for it, during the event itself, and after it, when you remember it with your friends. So in conclusion, this weekend we have had some quality time!
The Spring Fling is an event that some students from IESE organize to have two parties and one Saturday full of sports competition under an amazing weather in Marchwith, inviting other business schools from around Europe. This year we have had as guests the London Business School (aka LBS aka “los que van a palmar en las olimpiadas de Mayo”), ESADE, IE, INSEAD and Bocconi. Thanks to all of you for participating!!!
The event kicked off on Friday, with a party that I organized myself and that it was one of the best parties I have had since I am at IESE. Not so much because of the organizer, but because of the place and environment with everybody starting the weekend in a very good way.

I think this was quite late at night, with George, Marco and Huy. One very important recomendation if you are thinking of being part of some Spring Fling commitee at some point in your life: Sleep more than 2 hours if the next day you have to be at 8:30 in the morning ready to walk, run, shout and laugh non-stop for 12 hours.

Saturday: Weather was.....according to the event. INEFC facilities at Montjiuich

Jon Ander. A human machine that has worked much more than the rest of the organizers to make the event possible. Gracias Jon! Lo celebramos la semana que viene!!

As you can see, organizers also play sports. IESE kicked ass in most of the sports, including Basket! Here the winners of the basketball championship. We beat IESE favorite team (with some help of physical injuries and an awesome referee aka Juha) and then ESADE in the final. Thanks Kamil, Freddy, Ben, Diego, Thanos, Pablo Royo (not in the pic), and our girls Anna and Cristina. I think we deserved it!!! Olé!!

Then we finished the weekend altogether the 400 of us in a party (of course) after the Barça-Madrid game. And esto es todo amigos! Hope to see you all in the next Spring Fling, and the best for next year organizers!
Sunday I could not considered myself a human being so I decided to just sleep and watch a couple of movies. For 10th time in my life or so, I chosed "Gladiator" to finish the weekend. I think is definetely the movie that I have seen most times, and I still really like it (my mother does the same with Pretty Woman). Anyway, this post is finished.

And now....... We need you for the Olympics!! Sign up you lazy guy!!

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