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Monday, October 08, 2007

ani-hangover cannoli

It has been a while that weekends at cucrulla offer a wide variety of beverages.
Without taking into account the inauguration party, which can be considered an exception because no alcohol was permitted....mmm.......; The house nº1 rule (Whenever you go to London you bring back a bottle of Laphroaig), together with the sudden predilection for Tequila that Gabi aka Blinder has acquired recently, the rediscovering of the old Barcelona, and well, The F1 being so early in the morning on tv lately, have made the mornings a bit hard in terms of gastric and cephalic problems. Today at work (Monday) I was not the only one commenting on the quiet and soft Sunday mornings with a recovering coffee and lots of orange juice because of some kind of dehidratation. The thing is that we started a conversation about the effects of different kinds of food over the body functions and moods.
My colleague Vanesa elaborated on the anti-depressant properties of peas, and then the conversation turned into what is supposed to be good and bad stuff for your organism. It is curious how we act with those things. Have you ever ate a huge pasta dish and some copious meet and then ordering a coffee with edulcorant instead of a mini-bag containing 0.1gr of sugar that your body will burn in 2 min? A friend of mine was mentioning the other day the fabulous properties of vitamin B for many biological functions and some vegetables very good for the skin while he was lighting one of the 30 cigarettes that he smokes every day.
Peas are good for depression because they contain an element that the body transforms into one of the archifamous B vitamins, which if you happen to have very very very few of it...well, then your serotonin release in the neuronal space would be probably altered and then you may be a bit depressed (the serotonin part has not been checked by this writer so do not believe much in this second part).
Anyway, the final result of this post is a recommendation to all of you that come back home a bit too happy some Fridays and Saturdays night, and then the next morning have conversations with your friends (or with yourself, which happens a lot) about which miraculous food/drink could take away all that dehidratation, cephalea and gastric irritation. Thanks to the cucurulla bar and club investigations over many weekends, a rigorous research on the topic, the existence of this web page....and the Italo-mafia-movie-series trend that continues in the house....well, you have it: CANNOLI
Yes, Sicilian cannoli. Soft cheese with sugar to protect your stomach and provide you with that glucose intake that will make that tiredness sensation (coming from the increased glucose release that alcohol produces) dissapear, with a bit of bread and the fruit containing the famous vitamins that will give you the freshness sensation to spend a good Sunday morning doing plenty of activities before preparing copious lunch with your family or friends (of course, preceded by a couple of beers and lots of good red wine to accompaign......just to counteract the too-beneficial effect of cannoli in your bodily functions).
Here you can see a typical human cucurulla inhabitant experiencing the cannoli experience.

PS: Many thanks to Francesca for the Cannoli ;-)

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