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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Mr & Mrs Littell or my first American wedding plus NYC

And here we go again with another wedding. This time a bit farther than ususal, and that means...tachaaann...Pennsylvania (or pensulveinia to be more vocal). So I finished work last tuesday and start packing for my first American wedding and a short visit to New York. Last time I was there..mmm..about 10 years ago, so I am even more excited to be there than the first time. I am ready to eat some bagels in the morning, hot dog for brunch, couple of burgers at lunchtime, money spending late afternoons (last time I was there the exchange rate with the dollar was a bit different), and then walk, walk, walk and walk through the whole island of Manhattan, trying to get the most of my only two and a half days in the city.
Arriving at JFK after atching 2 gay movies. The first one starring woody harrelson as the walker, and then Brokeback Mountain. The woman sitting at my right handside looks at me in the middle of those cowboy sex scenes during my second gay movie of the day, and I had the absurd thinking of "I think that she thinks that I think that she thinks I may be gay". Anyway, Brokeback Mountain turned to be a very good movie.
Anosha is waiting for me at the airport. Thursday night in NYC. Noelle is doing a party at a bar and we met with some iese people, including Roberto and Manuel, our Mexican wedding partners in Pennsylvania. Bad thing is that by the time of my second Rum&Coke it is like 9am for me and I feel tired as if comming out from an after hours. Tomorrow we have a wedding, lets go to sleep pleeeeeaase!!
Pennsylvania. Official meeting at Pittsburgh airport with the mexicans and Onno, who is comming from London. Very intense closed bidding with 5 rental car companies. At the end we thought we had a good deal with a "Ford Escape" from Budget. However, after drinving for 2 hours, the roads get smaller and we finish in a path closed by a fence in the middle of a Forest. Then we realize that the sensual female voice comming out from the GPS was talking shit all the time, or in other words, the GPS obviously does not work and we are in a place where "Jason" can appear any second to kill us all before we see Andrew and Margo getting married. We stay unite and find a gas station with a nice local girl that indicates how to make it to The Summit Inn. We are here!! Presentations with everyone, some food, and get ready for a long saturday.
Autumn Saturday morning landscape in PA. Visiting fallingater house by Frank Lloyd Wright and some nice walk in the forests. Gabe is comming from Albany and we all come back to our rooms to get dressed.

Andrew and Margo after being married. I had the honour of reading a poem in the ceremony, and that meant a lot to me.
Andrew and Gabriel
Monterrei connection
The group
I guess this is the same in every country. Confirmed by Andrew Littell, once you are married, you are done. I mean, you are a husband, and there is an even stronger link to your girl. So strong, that you do not have to worry anymore about certain things. Meaning, you can even wear a pair of trousers with coloured ducks on them. She will love you the same, and you do not have to impress more women than your wife with your fashion clothing.

Forgot to mention that in our trip back from the wedding we almost lose the airplane. We were lucky because of two things. One was Gabriel determination to lead us on time to the airport. And he did it! Another was the help of some Pennsylania locals in gas station of a small town of unknown name. Gabriel ended up buing a map after hearing various opinions
Strange man - But why don't you go to this other airport? Is much closer
2nd strange man - Where are you going?? You have to...well, something like this but in a pronunciation I could not understand
I also asked the woman working in the gas station store if I could use the bathroom
woman - Oh I am sorry but you can not use the bathroom, police are investigating.... ? ? ? ? ?
New York City:
Being in NYC is always special. There are other cities much far away, more exotic, more beautiful, more relaxing (of course!), even bigger. However, at least for me, being in NYC is special. First time I was there I was shocked together with my cousins that the smoke comming from under the streets was real and not a movie invention, more or less the same as with the yellow cabs, the huge buildings, the rithm of the city, and the environment in Central Park. As for the mentioned smoke, thanks to my personal tourist guide Anosha, I know now that many of the high rise buildings in New York are powered by steam in a network that is 50 to 100 years old. Steam is used as this is both more cost effective and efficient than many other systems for heating tall buildings. It's also used for sterilising equipment in some hospitals. Most of the steam plumes that you see coming out of manholes are due to water touching the outside of these steam pipes and becoming vapour. Okaay!

Carol, Carl and un servidor
Anosha and Carol

Poem for a wedding:
Soneto XVII by Pablo Neruda
No te amo como si fueras rosa de sal, topacio
o flecha de claveles que propagan el fuego:
te amo como se aman ciertas cosas oscuras,
secretamente, entre la sombra y el alma.

Te amo como la planta que no florece y lleva
dentro de sí, escondida, la luz de aquellas flores,
y gracias a tu amor vive oscuro en mi cuerpo
el apretado aroma que ascendió de la tierra.

Te amo sin saber cómo, ni cuándo, ni de dónde,
te amo directamente sin problemas ni orgullo:
así te amo porque no sé amar de otra manera,
sino así de este modo en que no soy ni eres,
tan cerca que tu mano sobre mi pecho es mía,
tan cerca que se cierran tus ojos con mi sueño.

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