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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Entering 2008

Wellcome 2008. It was good to receive you @ cucuhouse (This year's place of choice for all kind of events). Of course, it was not going to be different in Ney year's eve. Menu included plenty of seafood from "La Boqueria", salads and a 200 kg fuet by Blinder&Jen, meat by Marta&Dani, grapes and other stuff by Carlos&Laia and drinks by Edgar. Xavi brought his last minute presence in the house when we were all a bit too happy because of too much sparkling golden liquid.

All the good purposes for 2008 in cucurulla are too long (and repetitive) to be posted here. Half of them are almost the same of last year...actually, more than half I think. But since we repeat so many wishes year after year, and at least this year we can say that it has been a really good year, the main one for 2008 is that everything continues at least as good. Our best wishes for this upcomming year!!
And now we are almost at the end of this eating race that is Christmas....only to wait for the three wise men to bring us presents, another huge family lunch that will make us suffer next monday at work....and lots of snow during 2008.
Since I have decided to switch from finally buying a 125cc scooter (and make my mother a bit angry) to buying a pair of skis, lots of snow this winter would make us happy, and that would be a good start for this year. Salut!

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