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Friday, April 20, 2007

job search

Barcelona mid-april. Spring

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Spring break

I feel like writing something again, at least to celebrate that "normal" weather is back in town again after some weeks of shitty rain. A couple of usual (weather) elevator conversations this morning have confirmed the Monday climate change in Barcelona. Although I agree that rain is an absolutely necessary thing for the land and us humans to be able to enjoy the most precious and necessary of transparent liquids (after gin), and that especially in this country we should be happy to have the most rainy days as possible before this summer, which btw it looks like its going to be a "bit" hot......I am sure the grey sky has a huge (negative) impact in my everyday mood. Yes, I can't do anything about it, I like blue sjy and flip-flops in my feet. And who doesn't!!

So, if not for the hours I dedicate every day to send CVs, prepare interviews and other job-related stuff, I am enjoying the twenty something degrees and the perspective of some sunny days without cases, worries about delivering projects.etc. Maybe prepare some cover letters in the beach. So goooooood. Another good thing that I have been doing again is reading newspapers, articles, books.

Neverthless, there is a "negative" side of having too much free time: Prison Break

Ok lets face reality, after my summer internship I am again a bit addicted to another tv show. All thanks to the recommendations of some friends from bcn, and the websites that my ski trip colleagues suggested to me in order to keep practicing my English listening skills (with Chinese subtitles I have to say).

The best of Prison Break: A man called John Abruzzi, in the picture below. I guess it is a good show because everybody is pretty weird. I mean, in 24 you have Jack Bauer and their anti-terrorist colleagues, but after all they are quite normal people despite the fact that they do not sleep. And Dr.House is in my opinion the most coherent type of guy you can ever meet. Same for Lost, where despite the too strange and endless things that happen in that island, everybody is quite “normal” if we consider we are talking about tv shows. Well, not sure how far I can go with this justifications so lets cut the crap and go straight to Prison Break.

(just an incision: Cut the crap and shitfaced are my two new favorite English epressions. The firs one from the tv shows, the second from my friendship with Brits and rest of the world).

In Prison Break, when you put together a serial killer, a rapist, an schizophrenic kind of man, the boss of the Chicago mafia turned into a catholic devote, an ex-alcoholic and drug addict doctor, a man with too many tattoos and his brother, a latino that wants to escape from prison to touch the belly of his girlfriend again, and the typical movie-tough-black guys from US prisons....well, the tv show is quite interesting.

De postre:

Shitface recipe from the internet
- 2 oz 151 proof rum - (Havana club works the same I guess)
- 1 oz grenadine syrup - (grenade the fruit)
- 1 oz sugar syrup - (or syrup of sugar)
- Orange juice (beer is an option for the very shitface recipe)
Add rum, grenadine, and sugar syrup in glass. Fill with orange juice. Add ice and shake, strain into glass and garnish with marachino cherry. Olé

The Andorran style, adopted in Almeria (Cabo de gata three years ago). Spanish easy shitface recipe aka “Despertador”:
- Rum
- Tia Maria
Add two parts of rum and one of tia maria in a chupito glass (the size of glass is important). Drink it. Enjoy sunny weather when you can. Hasta la próxima!