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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Chovar and America's cup

Short but intensive weekend in Valencia. My cousin Oscar is living there now, and I went to visit him and Silvia in my way to Chovar (the little town where I have spent all my childhood summers). Btw, they are getting married next May...but that's in a year from now anyway.
Saturday morning I decided to go to the beach in Valencia, and then I thought it was a good idea to see what was going on there with that thing called America's cup, which in Spain nobody had heard about until some time ago when a Swiss sailing team (yeah that sounds really weird if you're not into sailing) decided to defend the America's cup from the Americans in Spanish water. Anyway, it was definitely a good choice to go there. Nice morning looking at the ships and enjoying my recently acquired semi-holiday status.

After enjoying the sunny morning I asked the patron of this yacht if he could wait for me and bring me to bcn on monday together with the Möet-Chandon drinking "milfs" that were on the deck of the small boat. He said he would think about it. In the meantime, I decided to go to Chovar to have lunch and enjoy two days of local festivities.

That one below was another option but I didn't feel like sailing to Barcelona. Best with motorized yacht.
Chovar: First prove of the rain Marta and me got in our way down to Valencia. The pond you see in this pic is usually quite dry.

Philipe (french) showing his reaction after knowing Sarkozy victory in France elections and the end of his 35 hour weeks. He has decided to come to live in Spain.

Well, I guess this two pictures need an explanation to some people. Quite simple, you release a bull (not so big as the ones you see in official bullfights but quite dangerous anyway) in the streets of the town so that the guys can play a bit with the animal, and that is all. No blood.
Then you can do the same at 12 o 'clock, but this time with a bigger bull, and now with couple of fire balls in its horns (the so called "toro embolado"). This is usual in most of the towns of Valencia and all around the country during summer.
I think it would be a bit long (and boring) to justify here the need or not of these kind of activities, and write about bulls and Spanish traditions. So the best maybe is just to put a small video so you can see how "bulls in the street" are done in Chovar. Good bye and enjoy!

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