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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

ski trip 2007 and how to reach guten tag! rhine

If you want to have access to my writings from google, you can just type in the white box any of these things, and Guetn Tag! Rhine will appear in results. At least that is what some of the last 100 viewers did. I will start a contest right now, we will call it "best google types to reach guten tag rhine" Here the first champions:

1) "How do you pronounce the city of Basel" (in mandarin or in swiss-german?)
2) "Swimmers suecas" (great combination)
3) "El hombre domado" (no coment on this one)
4) "Finnland quiet" (contestant number 4, this doesn't exist)
5) "Challenging but achievable" (awesome, what were you looking for contestant 5?)
6) "sex + nepal" (no coment also...wait...Pradeep you have my link, no need to google my blog)
7) "Undressed girls" (that was myself)
8) "Article drogadicts" (I am starting to think there is something wrong with my blog)
9) "After IESE MBA" (Still no idea)

And the winner is....
10) "yo tube paco another life" (yo también tube a Paco en otra life, pero al final se me escapó, y ya no lo tuVe más)

SKIESE 2007: My friend 307 did a good job once again to bring Lena, Mark, Tom, and the other Marc to Andorra. Then, good friends, good snow, good drinks, more drinks, once more, another time, good music and good traffic jam.

Me and Tom aka Dj.Isley.
My understanding of british pronunciation stays the same as last friday afternoon after this weekend, although Tom and Mark did their best in my car to help me with this issue.

Pre-lunch walk in Pessons. From this point on we followed the norwegian taste for good food but especially for good drinks. And we were good followers.

Apres-ski. If you put together the Norwegian taste we mentioned before with an english drinking game (and the english themselves), plus some latinos with kind of same norwegian taste, you get this picture.

Saturday night was long, but 9 in the morning we were active again. Snow was ready. But....where is Mr.Templeman in this pic below?? He should be in the left!!!!! Once more, never, ever, ask someone to take a pic of a group if he doesn't look at least like a professional phototgrapher. Anyway, part of the skiing group:

Do not worry, I captured Mark a bit later. Oh yes, I captured him, with the megastar Pablo Royo. Good outfits, good guys.

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