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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Big Mark gets married....The story of my first english wedding

I have to say, after this weekend, that I am thinking about getting married at the English style. Or should I say at Mark's style....oh well, or at Sarah's style to be more precise. Anyway, Mark's Templeman wedding has been a really good weekend in South-West England.

However, not everthing was so beautiful as you can see in the pics below. My journey to Cornwall (The place where the wedding took place, with amazing landscape and a place that I reccomend to visit) started around 2pm in Barcelona, and it was a long one. After an airport confusion with Ryan (mea culpa!!!) I had to go to Oxford to meet Paul and Lena. Flight bcn-Luton, 2 hour bust to central Lodon with a really huge black woman who was an ex-McDonalds worker with claustrophobia inside the bus and who didn't stop speaking. We found peace after finding a common theme: music. She was a fan of Milli Vanilli. Ok, then I took another bus to Oxford from Victoria (another 2 hours). This time (around 11pm already) with a man reading the very personal-enriching newspaper "the sun".

Finally Oxford. Tired, very tired. Ryan had the same bus experience and arrived about the same time. However, Paul's mother cooking abilities made us forget all those travelling hours. And next morning, English breakfast. Ready to go to the wedding! !

Lena booked a cottage for the iese crew in the top of a hill with the view below. Nice

The rest of the group arrives. "How are you man! ! Nice to see you again!"

The wedding. Amazing place for the event. Below, Mark & Sarah.

As you can imagine, after the formalities, a speech from Mark that made everyone's skin change and some people cry, lots of good food, and of course, lots and lots of coloured liquids....Party.

Francis, the ice-cream trolley and the scotish man.

The man of the night

Finishing the night at the cottage.

2nd day. Ibuprofen seems to not work properly. Anyway, nothing better than a walk along the beach to recover, especially when more beers and an entire pig (cooked, of course) are waiting.

Recovering stuff
Sports afternoon.
American football on the beach. Thank god they did not decided to play rugby. Lets say Temps family have not a weak physical constitution. I think that instead of an injured foot I could have returned much worse in that case.

Ana is now a professional baseball player

And of course...Tug of war

Mark, Thank you for everything. It has been great to be at your wedding.