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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Everything u need is....friends

Maybe sometimes the headache of doing and redoing your bag, waiting at the airports/train stations, queuing with the car, being really tired after working, going out and then having to travel and going out again....At the end for what?
Just a for few hours with people you like, you are comfortale with and you always have a good time with.

Valencia. Some beers in the beach, good food: Arroz a banda, tellinas, almejas, esgarraet, sal i pebre....good conversations, clubbing (too much), and....That's it, go back home to repack/unpack again. Great!

7 years from now and still remembering the erasmus in Pisa from one city to another. Siempre un placer por supuesto!! A ver si venís a Barcelona en la Mercé. Inauguration party @ cucuhouse....more news (and flyer) comming soon.
Presenting: Eva, Fer, Chesco

Next post will be probably dedicated to Mr.Mark Templeman and his wedding in the most reachable part of England. Cronwall (or something similar). See ya!
Oh! I forgot. Cucuhouse room is ready, 100% completed. Here half of it. Nice uh!!!