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Monday, April 09, 2007

Googles & Moogles

Easter 2007. I had a trip to San Sebastian and Bilbao planned. However, a morning msn conversation about the possibility of enjoying the last snow of the year changed our plans. Andorra was the final choice, although Tignes ended in second place in the “resort competition”.

Why ski? You are doing sport while you enjoy nice views of the mountains. If there is some powder from the day before is absolute fun. You have good conversations in the lifts. The shower and relaxing après-ski in the afternoon is also really good (If you can have a proper siesta in between even better). You are hungry all the time so any food tastes good, especially dinner. Same for being thirsty and drinking (However, the tiredness effect can have some negative connotations here). In conclusion, I love skiing.

Easter Andorra Featuring:

Brits 1 (Mark & Tom)

Brits 2 (Paul & John)

ROW (Ryan and Marc. USA and Spain to defend the world against the English domination)

Second day of ski we got lost in the mountain and had to do an unexpected trip across the mountain to not having to sleep in the slopes.
Extreme ski. Tom tries to jump a fence with a heli trick.

ROW again

Tom and Ryan

Starting the après-ski competitions. It was a very competitive Easter I have to say.

More ski pics

Myself in the most difficult offpiste you can ever imagine

The group

After 6 hours of ski, the group is decided to go towards other activities

The lack of water and the high easter temperatures can make you see things that are only in your mind

The summary of the après-ski activities is the following picture, a very good description of our time out of the slopes. Rule number one of the wise Spanish skier: Be careful if you go to ski with 4 Brits and one American, you can end up drinking too much of the oldest and most popular international drink. In the ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia they could not ski during the whole day before having the fermented barley sugar. They missed a good combination.

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