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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Multicultural megaparty

There is one common thing to all cutures in the world, or at least to all cultures that you can find among the sample of population called MBAs, and more concretely, among the MBAs in Barcelona some random friday of February 2007. The IESE multicultural dinner is definetely and without a doubt, an awesome party, and a very good way of expanding your knowledge about food and drinks from other parts of the world, especially drinks. Ah, the common thing is...well, you can guess what it is. Some multicultural conclusions:
Beer is still without a doubt the common drink to most of the cultures in this planet.
Japanese and Indian food are the most internationally accepted foods.
Spanish stand rocks year after year, although the temperature was tooo high there. We were very well accompained by our friends the Portuguese.
Latin American and Nordic countries drinks are dangerous, very dangerous....
I ate too much junk food from the American stand when there was no more sushi left. Service is always very good in the US stand.
Mariachis are the best way to encourage people to sing.

Brits. The paint-drinking contest. When I left the winner was about 4 seconds. Sir Harry, the ambassador and referee of the contest.

Italians decided it was time to celebrate again their deserved world cup. I understand looking at this picture can damage your eyes up to same amount as watching catenaccio. Ok ok, at least they have some world cups. Us patatero. Oh, btw, I have to say that this year Polish pasta was better than Italian pasta.

Me and a crazy american guy that wanted to exchange his baseball clothing for my toro t-shirt at any price. Of course I said no way. He understood.

Argentina-Italia with un servidor

I really liked the german stand. Friendly people, cosy, and always with a good beer and some jagermeister ready. Here Tom (with an awful t-shirt) infiltrated in the bratswurt crowd.

Here 3 beautiful German girls (2 blondes, one very suspicious, and one non-blonde)

The truth is that the most beautiful girls were, without a doubt, the Dutch girls

Reds. Mark and Atsh. Here Mark wearing same awful red t-shirt as his flatmate Tom in the pic above.

Typical spanish. Sandra, Nuria and Alvaro el bombero torero.

The party goes on
Dutch animal Robain with Japanese friends

Rafael el luchador mexicano. And then the mariachis came, and then.....ay ay ay ay canta y no llores, por que cantando se alegra el cielito lindo, y los corazoooooooneeeeees!!!!!!!!

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