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Friday, May 25, 2007



Wednesday, May 23, 2007

MBAT 2007...the end

MBA tournament 2007
You can't come to have dinner on Friday?? MBAT Paris?....what? Olympics? Man, you are crazy, ou should start working soon or otherwise....But I am not crazy, and one year more I was an olympic athlete in Paris trying to give the best so that IESE could beat LBS in our second attempt after last year close second position. London Business School won again :-( I think maybe we have the honour of being the first graduation class of losing both years at the MBA Olympics. Wait wait, we did not lose anything. We won the 2nd position with much less people than last year!
HEC campus. Track & Field, rugby, frisbee and fubol field. Awesome.

Me trying to climb. I was average on that. Good enough!

The winners in their base camp

HEC cherleaders....give me some action baby!

IESE rugby team. If you want some live moments from the rugby team, and especially from the "pichichi" Mark Templeman. click here

Small kids enjoy rugby as well

Women's Rugby

From left to right: Kathy, Nani and Lena.

Nani "double punch" fighting for IESE. The winner of the boxing competition and a beautiful girl you'd better be friend of. Btw, if anyone is thinking about a serious violent boxing fight between kitties, that was not exactly the idea of the boing show. Lots of fun...yes.Tug of war. Bocconi in action

Men's cheerleaders

Afternoon cervecitas time

More cervecitas time

Good bye MBAT, good bye MBA! !

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