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Monday, August 27, 2007 si....que ya era hora. The looongest post (pics only promise)

Yes yes yes, I know I am the laziest blogger ever, but I did not feel like updating this again...until today. Anyway, I am glad to present you with the cucuhouse blog, which basically is, in its essence, exaclty the same blog as you could see before, with another name, and more main characters. Although I am still in control of this stuff so lets say I will still be the connecting person here, and the one who chooses if you can see a pic here or not. ok stop, lets go for the update.

It has been a strange summer, with the beginning of work again, the short trips to see old and new friends, the shit weather when it is supposed to be good weather and the good weather when it is supposed to be bad weather, and of course, the moving to Cucuhouse (Finally, its done!!). You might say these of couse are not reasons for not updating the blog. Ok, well, then I say it was August, and you know, in August, you (meaning, the whole Spain) is doing Anything, zero. Vacaciones! I only had one week of those though, and I went to visit Esteban in Almeria.
Summer going backwards (basically because I have uploaded the pics in the reverse order)

Rome this weekend. Definetely, an awesome city.

Hypnotic Pantheon

And before Rome, we had some good evenings at Barcelona. July in the city. Pre-inauguracion of Pablo's and David studio.

Cucuhouse inhabitants after Carlitos left the flat

Poker is a traditional monthly activity at cucuhouse.

This pic is really strange. Maybe I was thinking too much.

August holidays: Almeria and Creamfields Villaricos. Sol, playita, cañas, tapas, pescadito, amigos. Really good.

Esteban and his cousin. Gracias por todo tio. El año que viene repetimos!

Creamfileds during the day

Creamfields during the night

Creamfields on the next day. Of course, I went to sleep.

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