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Monday, March 19, 2007

2 weeks to go!

In about 15 days we will be ex-MBA students. Very strange feeling when I think about it. Since 2 weeks is not a lot of time, especially if we take into consideration that time seems to go much faster than its usual speed (this is a strange phenomena during this second year of school), everybody at IESE is trying to enjoy as much as possible the fact that we will be "alumni" very soon. Class of 2007 dinner. (The specialty of the place, “frozen spring rolls”, were an absolute hit).
10% of the 2007 Female graduates

One of the lasts BOWs at LaFira. Columpiándome con Anosha

We have become quite addicted to games lately, especially when there are some drinks around. The ultrafamous and international game "Los chinos" was the game of the weekend. Starting in the class dinner. 3 coins per person. Right guess of number of coins, you don't drink (a condition is to NOT celebrate you guessed right. If you celebrate you are in again (This is the most dificult part of the game. Everybody likes celebrating!!). Wrong guess, you are in until there is only one person left. If you are that person you just have to drink a glass of something. Beer is preferable to any Croatian or Estern-Europe-distilled-uncolored-drink.

See, here Pablo has to drink. Tom is containing the celebration euophoria...

Satuday night we had a Party at Harry and Elif's place in Gracia. I stopped at Mark and Ian's place before.
Marc: I forgot to buy some beer for the party, we should stop at a Paki shop before.
Mark: Yes, we need beer. And food.
Marc: Beer, yes, so we can play "chinos"...
Mark: So we can stay in a corner playing drinking games with coins and not speaking to anyone.
Marc: Yes!
Ian: I am curious about our conversations in 10 years time when we see each other again...Btw I will be completely bald by then...
Marc&Mark: Maybe
Saturday morning futbol & apperitive under the sun.
Waiter practicing. Who knows. Better to be skilled just in case....

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