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Sunday, October 28, 2007

sabor cubano in cucurulla

As almost eveything in life, there are positive and negative aspects associated with living in cucuhouse. For example, friday night, right after we decided to come back home, it started raining quite hard. The result was a flood in our bathroom of considerable size. The pipe from the bathroom tap is somewhere obstructed below our level (very obstructed to be precise), and all the water coming down from the terrace was going straight to our sink. After 5 minutes, my room, which is the closest one to the bathroom, was in high danger. At the same time, when the panic was starting to make its presence in the house, the girl from emergency service was telling me on the phone that firemen are not allowed to come to a house if there is less than about 40 cm of water. 40cm!!! What the hell!!! That was a really bad situation. Fortunately, the rain stopped right after the scene turned really dramatic, and we finished cooking spaghetti at 5am after cleaning everything.
As the spaghetti made a difference in our state of humor the other day, arriving at cucuhouse after a long day of work can be sometimes a good turnaround for your mood, and you will walk the last meters of street thinking that life is beautiful and there is no negative side. The video below is from one of those days. Sabor cubano in cucurulla. 5 min of positive vibration.

Gabi un millon de gracias por ayudarnos a salvar la casa!!!