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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

1000 ways of reaching this blog

Okay I understand that is post can be of little interest for some people. However, as I have been using "control C and control V" for some time when investigating the origin of the casual readers of this blog, lets make a bit useful this repetitive movement of my little and index fingers (I am still talking about the control c control v here), and publish the second - as far as I remember - market study of "The cucuhouse blog google casual readers". Next time we will change this long name but is ok for today.
Readers are allocated according to different categories chosen of course. The source of the results comes from what one can see in the blog visitor statistics when clicking on the link to the blog that google returns for a certain search. Also, nationalities are avoided not to help creating false stereotypes such as "see, I told you, people from country X only only search for porn stuff in google".

Participating categories:
Switzerland (since this blog was originated there about a year and a half now)
Lapland & snow
Food & drinks
Porn & dirty stuff (including some economics)
Special section

From Switzerland…
Skiing In Rhine
Sunday lunch in luzern
Transexual Interlaken (??!!??)
How to pronounce guten tag in german (No way this blog will help you on this. Very sorry)

A Nordic country selection…
Lapland bath in snow (One of the best things I have done)
Sauna snow blog naked (I believe I could have started a whole new blog about this lovely activity)

From Food & drinks…
Best anti-depressant food
How to cook girello meat (Just follow the instructions in one of the recent posts)
Napolitanian coffee (The best)

From the dirty category…Few comments on this category. However, I have to say this blogger is a bit worried that so many searches that have made it to this extremely competitive contest are inside this category. Ok lets follow, not much more to go…

Girls being undressed
Most famous drogadicts
Drug addict behavior
Kissing a smoker (I highly recommend doing this)
Positive externalities + smoking (There are!)
Transexual transformation (If you want…)

From Miscelaneous…
La moto fantastica (Esto no existia, se llamaba el coche fantástico chaval!!!)
"Marc Never" novartis (I don’t like this one and I am a bit worried. Further investigation will follow)
OK and one more thing. (Oooookaaayyy)
What time xxxx it close? (Why not to google xxxx first? Lets start from the beginning don’t you think?)
The couple is lying in an amazing wooden house (amazing search, yes!)

And finally, the 2 special prizes of "the google-cucuhouse contest" go to..

1) Describe one of your normal days? (Get up @ 7:30, drink a whiskey sauer, go out and ski in rhine for 3 hours. Take la moto fantastica and go for a long sauna with snow bath. Lunch with anti-depressant food and girello. Afternoon in the beach kissing a smoker and then lots of girls being undressed)

2) Nice people (Of course, this is what you find if you google us)

This study has been done with the help of StatCounter, some time (very very few) of "light work" in the office, and of course...Google.